Class TitlesWhat's the Class about?DatesPrice
Getting StartedJust got your first camera? Still getting used to all the terminology? In this hands-on-class Kristin will show you , on your own camera, what you need to know to get started in digital photography.February 2 and 9, 2015$95.00
Show Me MoreThis class is for the individual who has owned a digital camera for a while, however wants to know "What are all these other buttons for? Want someone to just show you where to find all those options? Need to know why you want to know how to use the more advanced option? This is the class for you.February 23 and March 2, 2015$95.00
Digital SLR (DSLR)Similar in concept to the Show Me More class, learning more about what you can do with the camera, only getting even deeper into choosing white balance, ISO or "film speed", metering, exposure compensation, focus modes. This is now a three week class.March 26, 20 and 27, 2015$150.00
Creative ControlThis class covers the "Traditional" manual settings in detail: shutter speed, aperture, metering and exposure compensation. Some advanced composition and lighting techniques will also be discussed.April 13, 20 and 27, 2015$150.00
Get Your Photos Out of the Cell Phone Do you have a cell phone with lots a photos and movies stuck in it? This class will help you unlock the potential to do something other than wonder what to do with these digital files.$39.99
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